Journey / Wave Mosaic  2015

Mackillop College Busselton WA – Courtyard Wall

The brief was for an image that reflected the words of Saint Mary Mackillop – “We are but travellers here”. As the College is situated near Geograph Bay in Western Australia’s South West I wanted to use water as a way of expressing this.

The mosaic is situated on the inside wall of a curved courtyard and like “Light Play” I have used a mixture of glasses. The carefully cut shaped glass and the play of light across the surface helps create the illusion of moving water.

The mosaic is complete however the final painting of the wall and two circular sculptural pieces are yet to be installed. The blue background is temporary, a sandstone colour is planned to compliment the existing building on the site


The following is an excerpt from the College newsletter May 3rd 2015


GLASS MOSAIC INSTALLED On the long weekend Perth mosaic artist Maureen Elphick and tiling expert Keith Edwards installed a beautiful glass mosaic on the curved wall near the staff room extension. Incorporating pieces of green-blue glass that came from the old staff room, this flowing mosaic captures and reflects the light, creating a rolling movement of the ocean waves. Not only does the mosaic provide beauty and grace and a place of reflection and calm for staff, but students will also be able to enjoy this magnificent art work and be inspired and renewed by it. The College appreciates all the thought, effort and talent Maureen has committed to this project, and considers it not only a fitting complement to her previous mosaic work in the Year 7 area, but recognises her beautiful legacy that will long enhance the environment and community of MacKillop College.


Stained Glass and Glass Tiles


7.2 x 0.6 metres